Stamp Stampede: Beating The Rush for 1st and 2nd Class Stamps

by Edwin on April 13, 2012


From April 30th 2012, first-class stamps will go up from 46p to 60p each (30% price rise) and second-class stamps from 36p to 50p (39% price rise).

This has led to a rush to buy stamps, with many retailers reporting shortages. Now the latest news suggests that the Royal Mail may start to limit supply in order to fully benefit from the price rise.

As such, if you do a reasonable amount of posting and you’re looking for an “investment” with an effectively guaranteed high return, it’s best to stock up ASAP. You may use more stamps than you first realise – think Christmas and birthdays as well as day-to-day. The savings can be substantial – 100 stamps at the “old” rate will save you £14 over the same 100 stamps after April 30th…

Put a different way: after April 30th, you’ll be throwing away 14p for every stamp you have to buy at the new rate compared to what it will cost you to buy them now and tuck them away in a drawer.

Where to buy 1st and 2nd class stamps?

For larger buys, Royal Mail’s own shop offers sheets of 50 and 100 1st and 2nd class stamps, and bulk rolls of up to 10,000 stamps.

Here are some online retailers that stock stamp books (at least until they start running out of stock!) The prices are the same of course, no 2-for-1s here…

1st Class Stamps – Book of 12

1st Class Stamps – Book of 6

1st Class Stamps – Book of 4

2nd Class Stamps – Book of 12

2nd Class Stamps – Book of 4

Additional Places to Buy Stamps

You may find that the following types of shops sell stamps locally:

  • Your local post office (if you’re lucky enough to still have one)
  • Small corner shops
  • Shops selling souvenirs and other tourist merchandise
  • Shops in visitor centres
  • Newsagents
  • Garage forecourts
  • Shops at major tourist attractions and museums

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